Republicans In South Dakota Introduce Bill Legalizing The Murder Of Abortion Doctors

South Dakota Tea Party Republican  Rep. Phil Jensen. (And lets get something straight here.  The Tea Party is a part of the GOP like Blue Dogs and progressives are a part of the Democratic Party so enough of this bullshit that they are a seperate entity.  The Tea Party was CREATED by the GOP and IS THE GOP) and GOP lawmakers have introduced a bill classifying a murder done “in the defense of a fetus” as justifiable homicide.

A law under consideration in South Dakota would expand the definition of “justifiable homicide” to include killings that are intended to prevent harm to a fetus—a move that could make it legal to kill doctors who perform abortions. The Republican-backed legislation, House Bill 1171, has passed out of committee on a nine-to-three party-line vote, and is expected to face a floor vote in the state’s GOP-dominated House of Representatives soon. ” The bill, sponsored by state Rep. Phil Jensen, a committed foe of abortion rights, alters the state’s legal definition of justifiable homicide by adding language stating that a homicide is permissible if committed by a person “while resisting an attempt to harm” that person’s unborn child or the unborn child of that person’s spouse, partner, parent, or child. If the bill passes, it could in theory allow a woman’s father, mother, son, daughter, or husband to kill anyone who tried to provide that woman an abortion—even if she wanted one.

Ans of course the Christomaniac loons turned out to testify for the Bill en mass.  Including the ever so Mormon Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum,  the Concerned Women for America, and the Family Heritage Alliance.

Any more evidence needed that being a right winger and/or a teahadist is a mental disorder?

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