Jimmy LaSalvia of GOProud: "It’s sometimes hard to get a date!" – Gee, I Wonder Why?

“It’s sometimes hard to get a date! No seriously, it’s not always easy to make the case to the gay community that conservative policies are good for all Americans, including gay Americans. So many gay and lesbian Americans blindly follow the left without being willing to even listen to the other side. In fact, the overwhelming majority of our hate mail comes from the intolerant gay-left”

So says Jimmy LaSalvia, Executive Director of GOProud, the Non gay rights, Republican Organization made up of well to do traitors of the gay community who care more about their money and supporting the fiscally conservative (greedy) Republican Party, the same party that LOATHES the fact that they are gay instead of supporting and fighting for LGBT Equality.

Hmmmm maybe that could be your dating problem?

Personally I am surprised he can find someone to style his hair let alone date.

Face it Jimmy. Ugly on the inside does matter.

 You and your Fleshlight are going to have a very long exclusive relationship.

What do you think?

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