GOP Teabaggers Applaud Defunding Planned Parenthood, Send Death Threats To Dem Rep For Saying Pentagon Shouldn’t Sponsor NASCAR

Defund Planned Parenthood, Abolish funding for the arts, and abolish the Department of Education. But if you dare suggust taking a $7M sponsoship sticker off NASCAR vehicles, you deserve to die.

Thats what Rep. Betty McCollum (D-MN) found out after she suggested cutting the Pentagon 7 Million dollar sponsorship of NASCAR events.and recieved the above FAX .

“We alerted Capitol Police this morning after we got the fax,” Maria Reppas, communications director for McCollum, said. “We leave it to them to determine the threat level for pieces of correspondence such as this.” McCollum’s proposal seeks to ban the military from spending taxpayer money on racing sponsorships. Currently, the Army sponsors a car in the NASCAR’s Sprint Cup series to the tune of about $7 million per year. McCollum contends that money — which NASCAR says helps boost Army recruiting — is wasted. Since announcing the proposal, McCollum’s office has received more than a few calls from irate NASCAR fans upset at what they perceive as a slight against their sport. “We’ve had calls,” Bill Harper, McCollum’s Chief of Staff, told TPM. “Lots of Mississippi people, North Carolina people. We had a Florida person.” Asked what the callers say, Harper replied, “‘Get your hands off my NASCAR’, mostly.”

“Baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie” has evolved (oops, bad word ) has been recreated into “NASCAR, nooses, and fucking pie hole.”

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