Auntie Tom GOProud President Christopher Barron Can’t Wait For CPAC To Party Like Its 1899

GOProud’s TWEET loving muscle head Christopher Barron was interviewed on Lawrence O’Donnell to talk about the CPAC conference and the conservatives boycotting it. 

GOProud which really is not a Gay Republican group but more a group of delusional gays who happen to be Republican because of their personal wealth and have done absolutely NOTHING to further a gay rights agenda, quite the opposite actually because as you’ll see Barron and GOProud state that they are in favor of state, and not federal marriage rights. Obviously Barron doesn’t know that residency and citizenship are decided on the federal level which are things fundamentally linked to marriage when one of those getting married is not a US citizen. And lets also not forget those 1000+ Federally recognized tax breaks and benefits available to only married hetro couples. This is something that often gets forgotten in the debate and by those cowards who can’t take a stand and demand equal rights for everyone and opt instead to use that tired old line that it is something that should be decided by the states.

In a nutshell Barron is nothing more than a rich fag and fame whore who wants to keep every cent of money so he’s selling out the LGBT Community to feed his greed and make a name for himself. 

Barron is a shill and a butt-boy for the GOP.  There is nothing more repugnant than a gay man wanting to be let in to a political party that doesn’t want him for purely selfish reasons because really how can you be a gay political group if you don;t support Gay Marriage, Hate Crimes Laws, and ENDA?  All you really are is a self loathing homo who’ll bend over and let Mitch NcConnell and John Boehner fuck you for a buck.


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