VIDEO – Bryan Fischer Of The American Family Foundation Hate Group: Unamerican Homos Boycott Chick-Fil-A!

What hypocritical bullshit coming from the mouths of a christomaniac anti-gay hate group that has launched boycotts against dozens of companies over 30 years. Right now, they are targeting Home Depot and in the past AFA has boycotted (not extensive) these companies: 7-Eleven, A&F, American Airlines, American Girl, Blockbuster, Burgr King, Calvin Klein, Carl’s Jr, Clorox, Comcast, Crest, Ford, Hallmark Cards, Kmart, Kraft Foods, Johnson & Son, Movie Gallery, Microsoft, MTV, Mary Kay, NutriSystem, Old Navy, IKEA, Sears, Pampers, Target, Tide, Disney, PepsiCo, WaldenBooks, McD’s, and Cambell Soup,

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