Video – U.S. House Gallery Screamer Theresa Choa – Anti-Gay Birther, Teabagger, and Stark Raving LOON!

Yesterday Theresa Cao was arrested in the gallery of the U.S. House for screaming, “Except for Obama! Except for Obama! Help us Jesus!” during the GOP political stunt of reading the (partial) U.S. Constitution when it got to the point about a United States President being a natural born citizen. 

Now less than 24 hours later  Alvin McEwen of Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters has found a video taken of Cao at a Faith2Action May Day event in DC, which called upon God to strike down Obama and as Pam Spauding at Pam’s House Blend points out:

 “Our favorite homophobe Peter LaBarbera was there to deliver an anti-gay prayer and as the video shows, Cao was there delivering her best “black woman catching the Holy Ghost” dance behind some of the speakers. Then she decides to take the microphone and do what can only be termed as a bad imitation of Joan Jett. And then things get very interesting with her passing out from a “trance dance:”

What exactly is it that makes this country produce so many whackadoodles? Besides just evangelical Christianity, that is?

What do you think?

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