Video – Sarah Palin Appears On Sean Hannity Spends 12 Minutes Playing The Victim Card

Last night Sarah Palin appeared on Sean Hannity to become the the latest Hannitized Politician (when a wingnut who’s done/said something especially wing-nutty, goes on Sean Hannity’s show to simultaneously backpedal and WHINE how they’re the victim!).

Of course only on FOX News could this happen and only there does Palin feel safe enough to talk to the media because at FOX, she is above reproach. (And an employee) 
12 minutes of backpedaling, whining, claims of being “falsely accused”, and out and out lies.
Especially interesting is Palin’s quote:  “I and others need make sure that we too are shedding light on truth so a lie cannot continue to live. If a lie does live, then of course your career is over and your reputation is thrashed and you will be ineffective in what we intend to do.” Well Palin would know all about lying wouldn’t she? Her entire career exists because she’s so practiced at it. 
 Let’s see…..Palin has lied about: her previous statements on climate change, lied about Obama’s position on habeas corpus,  lied about Alaska’s contribution to America’s oil and gas production, lied about her alleged tolerance of homosexuality, and is the one who is attributed to the phrase “DEATH PANELS” in regards to Obama’s health care reform.
Sarah Palin you are not innocent and you are NOT a victim.
You encouraged violence and reaped what ye sowed.  Your career is over, your brand tarnished and your dangerous lunacy revealed.  We can hear the desperation in your voice.  You know the gig is up and everyone now knows what an evil bitch you really are.

What do you think?

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