Muderer Scott Lively Reacts To David Kato’s Death, Blames Jealous Lover

Scott Lively, the right wing Christomaiac anti gay loon who as I posted yesterday was one of the people directly responsible for helping stoke and incite Uganda’s already extremely homophobic attitudes by visiting there and “preaching” about he evils of homosexuality.  Lively is now reacting to Uganda’s LGBT activist  David Kato’s tragic murder earlier this week, Lively would like everyone to belive that Kato may have been killed by a jealous lover

“Instead, Lively suggested Kato may have been killed by someone with whom he had been romantically involved, despite the fact that no one familiar with the case has suggested Kato was killed by a gay person, let alone someone with whom he had had a sexual relationship. There remains a ‘possibility’ Kato was “killed by a ‘gay’ lover,’ Lively wrote, and likened Kato’s death to that of Carlos Castro, a Portuguese journalist who was allegedly beaten to death and castrated by a male model in New York City earlier this month. The link between Kato and Castro — besides the fact that they were both openly gay men who had been brutally murdered — is unclear. But Lively has linked homosexuality to violence in the past. In his book Pink Swastika, Lively blames Nazi violence on homosexuality.”

Words just cannot express how vile I think that this “man” Scott lively is and all his cohorts in gay hate.

I will not mince words.  I never have and I never will.

Scott Lively is a MURDERER.  Plain and simple.  He is just as guilty of David Kato’s death as if he swung the instrument that bludgeoned Kato to death.  These christomaniacs, ALL OF THEM, Perkins, LaBarbera, Barber, Gallagher, Brown have to realize that their hateful words plant the seeds that lead to violence and they should be held accountable.  ALL of them are nothing more than con men, thugs and murderers and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

2 thoughts on “Muderer Scott Lively Reacts To David Kato’s Death, Blames Jealous Lover

  1. Yes, sexual-homophrenia is a mental illness.
    It is related to paranoid-schizophrenia.
    Both brain disorders originate in the delusional thought that is created
    in a deficient brain.
    It seems to me,that the scientific community busted it’s ass to find the cause, and solution, for the disorder known as paranoid-schizophrenia,
    which is characterized by delusional ”paranoid” thought that leads to abberant, and often, destructive behaviour; but has turned it’s back on the obviously similar disorder of sexual-homophrenia. The homophrenic lives within the parameters of delusional thought patterns, affecting not only their sexual perceptions, but their every imagination; which is why they cannot ”see” their own illness.
    Let us, as a community, stop the snickering, and condemnation, and seek the solution which will free these victims of this insidious disorder.
    Their self-destructive actions mirror their mental pain; their screams of recognition, are the demands of their desperation.
    Hear them, World; …stop humoring them, and start healing them.

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