McCain’s Donates 1 Million Dollars To Gay Friendly Church (McCain’s French Fries, NOT McCain The Senile Homophobe U.S. Senator)

Metropolitan Community Church the gay pioneer church In New Brunswick Canada has received a whopping 1 Million Dollar donation from McCain Foods Ltd

In the 1950’s  Metropolitan Community Church Pastor’s Brent Hawkes, father opened a general store with a grocery in Bath, N.B

 In 1956, Wallace McCain and his brother Harrison incorporated McCain Foods Ltd. and the following year opened their first french-fries plant 8 kilometres from Bath which led to McCain-Hawkes connection.

“I knew his father,” Wallace McCain said “His father had a grocery store five miles from Florenceville

Pastor Hawkes said, that the donation will be used to pay off the church mortgage and also to support program for gay and lesbian refugees to Canada.  With the McCains imput, the church board has laid out a three-year program, including hiring a part-time staff worker, to build its refugee support network.

The donation comes at  the 10-year anniversary of a controversial wedding ceremony Hawkes conducted for two same-sex couples that was a milestone in Canadian civil rights and helped lead to legal recognition of same-sex unions


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