Human Rights Campaign Takes Two Months To State The Obvious – The NEW Congress is Anti-Gay (Duh!)

Leave it to Joe Solmonese and the Human Rights Campaign to wait over 2 months since the 2010 midterm elections to figure out the obvious that the NEW Congress is anti-gay.  (As if the old one was so freaking gung-ho)

In the House, there are 225 representative in the “anti-LGBT” category, which is 53 more than the 172 labeled as such in the 111th House, via Newsweek. And the “pro-LGBTers” are down 29, from 196 to 167. (There are 43 reps with a “mixed” LGBT record, which has to do with Democrats being a bunch of pansies in their support for equality.)  Which is NOT shocking or NEW news since the Republicans picked up so many spots.

By stating the obvious this long AFTER the midterms just once gain just proves how on the ball HRC really is. 

What do you think?

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