CNN Blows Off GLAAD and the Gay Community’s Demands To Stop Using Hate Groups As "Gay Experts"

This week, finally Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation called upon CNN and other news networks stop booking guests representing what GLAAD calls the “anti-gay industry,” and what the rest of us call anti-gay hate groups.

 GLAAD states that: “CNN needs to stop elevating anti-gay opinions to the level of the actual experts who they should be talking to; people like scholars, historians, professionals, or folks with actual experience (not just animosity), Which is very true.  But GLAAD does not do the extra step and reveal the real reasons these groups should not be booked.  They are HATE GROUPS which are officially recognized as such and use  false data, and lies from think tanks and other groups that they themselves helped create to validate their hate.  And there is where CNN’s problem lies.  It does NO RESEARCH or fact checking on its guests or their data. 

And whats was CNN’s reaction to GLAAD about all of this?

CNN appreciates GLAAD’s concern for objective and fair reporting” and said the channel strives to book experts with “different points of view.”

So I suppose HATE in CNN’s point of view makes someone an expert?

If it were 1965 would CNN be booking the Grand Imperial Wizard of the KKK to counterpoint MLK?  Doubtful.

And I suppose we can look forward to the next time that there a debate on the Middle East CNN will be booking an expert from Hezbollah for their expert opinion.

The days of journalism and ethical practices on TV are obviously over. Imagine Walter Cronkite hosting a segment with Maggie Gallagher and Joe Solmonese.  The lingering appearance of “fair and balanced” coverage is being used to promote crackpot theories and mainstream radical rightwing propaganda. Unless people who know better speak out and tell CNN to stop giving airtime and therefor credence to these lunatics, their propaganda can and will take hold.

CNN saw 34% of its viewers disappear in 2010. In 2009, they lost 30% of their viewers.

If they keep giving airtime and legitimatizing these anti-gay hate groups I predict another loss in 2011

Time to jump ship Anderson.

What do you think?

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