Anti-Gay Liberty Counsel: We’re Not Homophobic, We Took An Online Test!

Fat Matt Barber, Mat Staver and the other haters at the anti-gay Liberty Counsel are all a twitter because they took on online “homophobia test” (Probably this one) and they claim that not one person failed even though they all think we are all dirty sodomites that desrve to go to hell. So thus they are NOT homophobic!

The test is actually pretty simple to figure out and if you are in denial and don’t recognize your own homophobia you aren’t going to fail. 

Now if they really want to prove a point what I suggest is that every male on the staff  undergo a sexual orientation assessment and sit with their penis’ (if they can find them) hooked up to an engorgement meter as he is shown a variety of video clips, including scenes of gay porn and lets see what the results are.

Now if you excuse me I must go take my online test to become a Head Bishop of the Church of James Franco.

What do you think?

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