75 Percent of NOM’s Funding Comes From 5 Wealthy Homophobes. NOM FINALLY Releases Partial 2009 Tax Returns

After much prodding, pushing, and exposure the hateful bigots at NOM have FINALLY released their partial 2009 Tax Returns.  (I hope the IRS is aware of this and fines them)  And surprise, surprise, 75 percent of the almost $7.1 million in revenue come from ONLY 5 homophobic wealthy unnamed donors.

1. $2,475,000
2. $1,230,000
3. $1,100,000
4. $400,000
5. $150,000

Shockingly it was actually the HRC that got the 990’s after visiting NOM’s offices a few time. 

Perhaps we’ve actually found something the HRC does better than political lobbying?

NOM is required by Federal law to surrender 990s upon request by any entity, however, they are NOT required to surrender the names of donors. Donors names are only required to be disclosed to the IRS and are completely protected from the general public.  Now on that note, if they didn’t provide the entirety of the 990 (minus donor names, of course) then they are in violation of federal IRS statutes and need to be called out on it.


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