Video – Watch Radio Host David Parkman Snarks AFA Hate Group Leader Bryan Fischer

The most awesome radio host David Pakman interviews AFA scumbag Bryan Fischer, who declares that the SPLC belongs on their own hate list for “telling lies about homosexuality.”

Pakman who does extreme research questions Fischer on his own lies and throws them back in his face and then some

Here are some of what Fischer said:
-“We’re the ones telling the truth about the link between homosexuality and pedophilia.”

-“Active participation in the homosexual lifestyle will deprive a male of anywhere between 8 and 20 years of his life expectancy”
-“There is ‘no such thing as a monogamous homosexual relationship’”
-“The rectal wall is one cell thick”
-“We need to take our cue from gay porn actors”
-“Those homosexual activists that are so intent on normalizing homosexual behavior…they must be harboring some deep seated longing to be straight”
-“Homosexual activists must be latently heterosexual”

Just a correction here.  the anal wall is anywhere from 2.2 to 3.5 mm thick so those must be some REALLY big cells.  I thought you would know that Bryan.  After all you are a flaming asshole.

What do you think?

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