VIDEO – Recognized Hate Group Faithful Word Baptist Church Wants Homosexual DEAD!

The Faithful Word Baptist Church of Tempe. AZ (located convienently is a downtown strip mall) isn’t at alll outraged that the Soutern Law Poverty Center has classified them as a “hate Group” alongside the likes of the Family Research Center, the KKK, and Stormfront. 
Actually Baptist “Pastor” Steve Anderson wasn’t even aware of the label by the SPLC and wasn’t surprised. When asked if he hates homosexuals, Anderson quickly said, “absolutley.”  and with a Bible in his hand during the interview below, said he preaches his hatred for homosexuals and wishes death upon them.

“Should I be a Baptist Pastor if I don’t believe what the Bible says, if parts of this book offend the Southern Poverty Law Center then it should label it a hate book.”

You got alot to be proud there of Tempe Arizona

2 thoughts on “VIDEO – Recognized Hate Group Faithful Word Baptist Church Wants Homosexual DEAD!

  1. Nice guy… What ever happened to love thy neighbor? Does his bible also say that your neighbor must qualify as a certain type for you to love him?

    I'd love to see a gay novelty shop move in to the space next door to his "hate church"

  2. I never enjoyed going to church. I was dragged there every Sunday and the Holy Days. I could not stay up late on Saturday nights to watch "Creature Feature" because I had to go to Sunday school to hear stories of a man that was tortured and killed for MY sins and rose from the dead.
    I could not eat candy for 40 days and told to believe that a rabbit left a basket full of it for me on the day that my I had hair sugar watered, wore a new suit, and had Ham for dinner.

    Can you imagine being dragged to this shit?

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