Video – CNN Once Again Invites FRC Hate Group Head To Discuss DADT Repeal On The Air

Last night John King and CNN invited Alex Nicholson of  Servicemembers United to talk about the recent DADT Repeal, and once again as a counterpoint CNN invited Peter Sprigg of the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council.

Now I understand that the DADT repeal is news.  But CNN along with other news media stations must begin to show some responsibility with the guests they invite.  To invite the leader of a recognized hate group who is on record  as saying he wants to see gays exported from the country and that gay behavior ought to be illegal to debate something as political and steeped in Civil Rights as the DADT repeal is not only irresponsible but akin to inviting the Grand Imperial Wizard of the KKK on their show as a counterpoint presenter on Black Civil Rights issues.

While I do applaud John King for that control and not allowing Sprigg to go too crazed, Sprigg never should have been the go to person for a debate on this topic and CNN should have looked for a politician or an armed services members against the repeal for the counterpoint.

CNN and other media outlets MUST STOP taking the lazy way out and turning to Perkins, Sprigg and other members of hate groups as counterpoint speakers on LGBT civil rights matters.  By doing so they only enable these hate groups and legitimize them.


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