OMFG – CNN Posts Hardcore Gay X-Rated Picture In Story On Prop 8 Appeal Trial

Someone at CNN online news has either a wicked sense of humor or is just not too observant.

In a story posted online this morning about Prop 8 heading to appeals court today the picture which accompanied the article. a placard full of gay rights buttons included one button with a  a hardcore gay sex scene..  LOL

In the original image attached to the article in the lower right hand bottom of the screen a button portraying one man playing hide the salami with another man was clearly visible. (Right next to a “Got Milk” button with Harvey Milks picture on it no less)

The original image has since been cropped to remove the button.  But that doesn’t explain if someone at CNN knew the button was there or somehow just overlooked it.

Press release from FRC, AFA, and Peter LaBarbera in three…….two……one.

What do you think?

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