NGLTF: "There was never any question in the gay community on the intentions of Obama." WTF?!

The National Gay ans Lesbian Task Force whose President Rea Carey, takes home over $217,582 a year in salary is one of those annoying Gay Inc. organizations.  Somehow they have gotten themselves into a position of leadership in the LGBT Community but do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING constructive when it comes to actually fighting for or achieving LGBT Rights.  The NGLTF excels at attending cocktail parties at the White House and meetings that go nowhere, throwing fundraisers for itself to keep its employees well paid and its bloated budget alive and well and holds “weekend conferences” where it charges an arm and a leg to teach attendees how to be leaders in the LGBT Community without really knowing how to do so itself.

Case in point of actually how removed the NGLTF is from the REAL members of the LGBT Community.

Via Politico:

Laurie Young, the director of public policy at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, said there was never any question in the gay community on the intentions of Obama.

“He has stated very clearly that he wants the Senate to move as quickly as possible and that he wants this done legislatively – I know that he very much supports it,” she told POLITICO. “My hope is that it will be done swiftly through the lame-duck session.”

“There was never any question in the gay community on the intentions of Obama.”

Obvious somewhere in that bloated budget of the NGLTF is an expenditure for CRACK because obviously they are removed from reality via some chemical substance. Or just bold faced liars pusingh propaganda to try defend their lack of any achievement and shepard the LGBT community back into the “We Love Obama and the Democrats camp so they can have more cocktails and movie nights with the President and try to stay relevant.

We need to remember that every time that we warned the NGLTF and HRC of their failure to act, we were told we did not know what we were talking about.  They had a “super duper secret plan.” We were all just a bunch of laughable, naive whiners while all the cool gay and lesbian kids enjoyed their cocktails at the White House

This is what their “super duper secret plan.” gotten us in 2 years with a Democratic President, Senate, and House:

DADT – Possible FAIL
Permanent Partners (UAFA) – FAIL
Federal Employee Benefits – FAIL
Health Care Nondiscrimination – FAIL
(Unenforced) Hate Crimes Law – SYMBOLIC WIN
Piddly Executive Branch Changes – WIN, FOR NOW
Defense of Our Constitutional Rights – EXTREME FAIL

This is what the NGLTF, HRC, and Gay Inc accomplished over the past 2 years because “There was never any question in the gay community on the intentions of Obama.”

It is truly time to turn our backs on the NGLTF, HRC, and Gay Inc and create NEW LGBT Advocacy Organizations.  Ones which aren’t tainted with apathy, greed and star-fuckery with staff making 6 digit salaries and it behooves them to stay in business. We need advocacy groups that run on the passion for the cause and have focus.  Not the ones we have that run because of the  size of the paychecks they recieve and the stars they can cocktails with at their benefits.

We need to be rid of the self-effacing and -aggrandizing advocacy groups such as the HRC and NGLTF they are like the bleating of the Vichy Français as they insisted to all who would listen that the Nazi occupiers really weren’t that bad if you get to know them…provided you aren’t Jewish, gypsy, or gay.

The HRC, NGLTF are worthless and have caused us much more harm than good and the  past two years have proved that.

It’s time to turn our backs on them and start anew.

and GAY Inc.

What do you think?

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