Michigan High School Teacher Fights Back To Keep His Career Being Ruined For ‘Touching’ A Cop In a Park

A 45-year-old Michigan high school teacher, won’t be pleading guilty to criminal sexual conduct after being arrested for allegedly fondling an undercover police officer during a public park sex sting in an attempt to save his teaching career.

Charles Glover could have served no time if he plead guilty to the fourth-degree charges, which involves touching, just touching  an undercover policeman during a Kent County Sheriff’s Department crackdown on man-on-man sex at Seidman Park in October so instead of copping a pleas and potentially killing his teaching his teaching career, let alone any other professional gig because he would branded as a “sex offender” Glover is going to trial next year to contest the charges, forcing taxpayers to foot the bill to prosecute one of the most meaningless “sex crime” cases there is (And also entrapment)

Okay now lets be real here.  All Glover did was grab the junk of another guy who presented himself as a willing participant in a secluded wooded area of the park.  Is the Kent County Sheriff’s Department and prosecutors planning on arresting, booking, charging, and trying every single straight couple that fondles one another in line at Target, McDonald’s, the bank parking lot, and yes, wooded public areas. Sometimes with kids around. In daylight. I’ve seen all of this happen, and I’m sure you have too, but never once did an undercover officer flash his badge and take out his cuffs. The situations are nearly identical, except in Glover’s case there was likely nobody around to have to watch it unfold.

Its Gay Sex-phobia pure and simple.

And before all you puritanical gay men who are saying . “Ewwwwww.  Men having sex in public is sooo disgusting!!!” “I don’t want to defend him ’cause he’s old and shouldn’t be having sex.” “OMG! He touched another man”   Straight couples have been making out and having sex in public since the beginning of time.  “makeout – point” (otherwise known as abortion-afterwards point). How many “straight sex-stings” has anyone heard about?

 Hello? Bueller?  Anyone?

No?  That’s funny because it happens all over the place every day and yet it’s almost never considered a crime.

The sex-phobic and, dare I say it, homophobic of some gay men these days is pathetic. Have you been to Hooter’s lately? No? What about the str8 strip clubs that exist in every city? They are “absolutely not for sex” either.  If you live in an alternative universe.

Support Charles Glover

Contact the William A. Forsyth, Kent County Prosecutor and tell him to drop the charges!

William A. Forsyth, Kent County Prosecutor
82 Ionia Avenue NW, Suite 450
Grand Rapids, MI 49503-2266
Phone: (616) 632-6710
Fax: (616) 632-6714

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  1. We had to end our first grade picnic in the park early because there were two straight people fucking near us.

    I shit you not.

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