LGBT Books At Harvard University Library Vandalized and Soaked With Urine

So much for higher education.

Harvard University police are investigating vandalism and destruction of  about 40 books about lesbian and gay issues at the  university’s Lamont  library as a hate crime.

Security staff at Lamont Library said in a report filed with campus police on Friday that it appeared someone poured urine on the books on Nov. 24. An empty bottle was found nearby  Library spokeswoman Beth Brainard says it took so long to report the incident because staff wanted to assess the value of the books. which are estimated to be worth several thousand dollars and will be discarded.

Harvard police say they are investigating vandalism to about 40 books about lesbian and gay issues at a university library as a hate crime.

The destruction of the books is being investigated as a hate crime.

Harvard University?  Thats bad.

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