Hate Groups Fight Back: "Liberals Want To End Freedom Of Speech"

Bryan Fisher of the of the officially recognized Hate Group the “American Family Association:” says that the “flaming liberals” want to end their hateful “free speech”.  This is the spin that these hate groups are banding together to counter the recent light that has been shined on the vile and evil tactics that they use.

Imagine how Fischer and his ilk would cover Rosa Parks and Civil Rights today:

“Rand Paul: Rosa Parks a threat to our constitution”
“Civil Rights boycotters assault police dogs, possible ties to socialists”
“Civil rights demonstrators waste resources of fire department and thousands of gallons of water.”
“Lunch counter protestors deprive hungry of food.”
“Lynched negroes create rope shortage.”

That is not Freedom of Speech.  That is INSANITY!

What do you think?

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