Hate Group President Tony Perkins On Fox News: "We’re Not Anti-Gay Hate Group"

 President of the officially designated hate group the Family Research Council, Tony Perkins appeared on FOX & Friends the one sympathetic media outlet to its current plight of being named an American hate group along with the likes of the KKK by claiming that the FRC is neither anti-gay or a hate group.  (Watch out for that lightning bolt Tony!)

 You have to love in this clip how the Fox & Friends host doesn’t even try to be impartial. “If you’re part of a conservative group, then you’re a hate group!” Of course, that’s not why the SPLC labeled the FRC a hate group.  Its because they lie, agitate, use junk science, and try to destroy a specific class of people and this has been well documented.  Just like Fox News!

It’s a match made in HELL!

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