FOX NEWS – Scientists: Pollution Turning Birds Gay (I Kid You Not)

The answer to what causes homosexuality was reported over at FOX NEWS NATION today. 
According to an unnamed source, unnamed scientist from an unnamed group in an unnamed county are saying that too much exposure to mercury pollution is turning birds gay!

So according to scientists, pollution is turning birds gay. Yep, increased exposure to mercury (a bad chemical, apparently) can steer the sexual preference of some birds toward their own sex. The birds studied – male white ibises – tend to pair with other male ibises after nibbling mercury found in the environment.

The researchers conclusion: That while this doesn’t mean mercury can make humans gay, there are enough reasons “why cleaning up the environment for birds also reduces risk for humans.”

So there you have it.  Being gay is not dietary, or caused by a domineering mother and an absent father.

You’re gay because you ate too many tuna fish sandwiches as a kid!

Only at FOX News kids……Only at FOX News

1 thought on “FOX NEWS – Scientists: Pollution Turning Birds Gay (I Kid You Not)

  1. I'm amazed that there are people who are so incredibly stupid to believe that Faux News is an actual news network.

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