Forget WikiLeaks! St. Kilda Aussie Footballers Nick Riewoldt & Nick Del Santo Caught In Leaked Naked Photo Scandal!

While news of WikiLeaks has spread across the globe Australian football is in the middle of a sex scandal that blows away any recent sports sex scandal in recent history.

The St. Kilda Schoolgirl Scandal broke in May, after the AFL investigated claims by a 17 year old girl, Kim Duthie (The age of consent in AZ is 17 just FYI)   Duthie claimed that she had met the St. Kilda players at a school clinic, and then reintroduced herself a month later  and ended up sleeping with two unnamed players, got pregnant and then the baby was born stillborn,  The two unnamed players were investigated and cleared because the sex was consensual and Duthie lied about her age telling them that she was older than 17.

Then, last week, Duthie exposed who the players were and posted two images to her Facebook page. One nude photo of St. Kilda captain Nick Riewoldt alongside a teammate, the other of Nick Del Santo. Printed across both images was the message: “Merry Christmas Courtesy of The St. Kilda Schoolgirl

Riewoldt claims he was not posing, but had just gotten out of bed. (“I sleep with my clothes off like most people do, I would assume.”) He says he has no idea how Duthie got the picture, maintaining that he’s never met her, despite her claims to the contrary.

Also in question is what Duthie planned to do with the photos. Riewoldt’s manager, in a Federal Court affidavit, says she asked for $20,000 to turn the photo over. It’s also been alleged that she attempted to sell them to media outlets. But Duthie says she doesn’t want money, and only wanted to get back at St. Kilda and the AFL for the way she was treated during the Schoolgirl Scandal. According to her Facebook page, “revenge is all I want.”

If you want to check out the NWSF “Merry Christmas Courtesy of The St. Kilda Schoolgirl” photos of Reiwoldt and DelSanto stark raving bonkers naked just CLICK on the “Read more” below.

2 thoughts on “Forget WikiLeaks! St. Kilda Aussie Footballers Nick Riewoldt & Nick Del Santo Caught In Leaked Naked Photo Scandal!

  1. I wonder what this has to do with LGBT issues. Please tell me it’s not just because an AFL player has his tackle out, thus it becomes “gay focussed”, for that would really fuel all sorts of stereotypes. So is this guy a hypocrite, a homophobe, was he sending such photos to his boyfriend? If it is just because there’s an AFL player showing his package, that’s a really foul reason to give it attention on a gay news site.

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