Family Research Council Hate Group President Tony Perkins Whines About being The President Of A Hate Group! Waaah Waaah Waaah!

Nationally recognized hate group The Family Research Council head hater and president (and rumoured closet case) Tony Perkins took to his hemlock soapbox yestereday and complained about the Southern Law Poverty Center naming the FRC a hate group which is surprisingly passive agreesive of the FRC and others like them who for the past few eeks have been playing it off that its “no big deal”

Said Perkins:

“Yesterday, to try and legitimize their smear campaign, SPLC held an audio webcast focused almost entirely on FRC. Among other things, they backpedaled from the notion that FRC belongs in the same category as the KKK, agreeing that we are ‘the most mainstream of the organizations’ SPLC has ever criticized. Richard Cohen, SPLC’s President, revealed what this whole attack on FRC was really about. ‘We don’t believe that some of these people should be put on national TV.

According to Cohen, FRC’s position on marriage should disqualify us from any media appearances. (Is it really our position on marriage or that the facts are just not on their side?) Even Tom Brokaw, who is unapologetically liberal, told a gay newspaper this week, ‘I don’t think you can shut down free speech.” Asked how to deal with pro-family groups, Brokaw said, “We’re a free speech society. They’re entitled to their positions…. How do you begin to censor things?’ Easy, says SPLC. Start ‘inoculating the public against FRC’s propaganda.’ In other words, do everything possible to keep the public from hearing FRC’s rational arguments.”

Where I am certainly for Freedom of Speech.  With that freedom comes much responsibility.  Responsibility to those speaking and responsibility of those giving them the platform to be heard like the media.

When hate groups like FRC, AFA and the likes  have a track record of lying to the public they should not get to appear before the public on ANY show.  News is about public information and fair debate.  What they do is slander.  They have no facts, they just say that gay issues harm families, harm marriage, harm kids.  Those things have been disproved over and over again as not fact in courts of law, disproved in scientific research, and have no basis in anyone’s personal experience.  For the media and in politics to arbitrarily give them the platform and the power to li8e and spread false information and hate to the public is a serious and irresponsible mistake.  That is why they can’t speak to the public. That is why they need to be publicly called out for what they really are the years of harm and damage they have caused.

So Tony Perkins.  Shut the fuck up!

What do you think?

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