Down Low Sexual Predator Pastor Eddie Long Will "Mediate" Case Out Of Court – AC360 Video

Atlanta’s pompous and self righteous MegaChurch Pastor Eddie Long who has continued his bleating of “innocence” against charges that he took sexual advantage of four young men has decided :to avoid having his personal business divulged in a big trial, (like that he’s a big ole nasty down low sex predator) has agreed to enter mediation with his four accusers over charges of “sexual coercion.”  Long will probably insist he agreed to mediation to avoid an ugly court battle that would harm the reputation of his church and his congregation, and that would be a reasonable concern … for an innocent man that is. 

So it’s truly worth noting that the four men accusing Long of sexual misconduct have not sought out media attention. Though their attorney has given statements to the press, the PR campaign against Long began only after he refused private overtures to settle the matter. Also , the men have only given interviews to reporters when they were ambushed at their homes, not during scheduled and purposeful interviews.  So any attestation by Long that this is false extortion does not seem to fit.

Can we say…….GUILTY?

Watch Anderson Cooper take on the topic of Pastor Eddie Long on AC360 below

One thought on “Down Low Sexual Predator Pastor Eddie Long Will "Mediate" Case Out Of Court – AC360 Video

  1. i'm hoping for a sex tape; that would bury this motherfucker for good.

    also, "I don't care what scientists say." i think that's the dumbest statement i've ever heard.

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