DEMAND That MSNBC Stop Giving FRC Hate Group President Tony Perkins A Platform To Spew His Hate and Lies.

Once again tonight hate group leader Tony Perkins (of the Family Research Council)  appeared on MSNBC today to discuss ‘DADT’ repeal and the Pentagon report. Perkins does his best to discredit the opinions of Mullen and Gates, and cites the FRC’s own UNOFFICIAL and UNVERIFIED “scientific survey” (the survey of a designated hate group that was done with only conservatives and tea party members giving opinions) that 30% of the Armed Forces are ready to leave if gays are allowed to serve openly

The REAL question is why does MSNBC give an open platform to Tony Perkins, the President of an OFFICIALLY recognized anti-gay, ultra conservative religious hate group a platform to spread lies and anti-gay propaganda on political issues that concern the LGBT Community?

Would MSNBC invite the Grand Wizard of the KKK on air to discuss Black political issues?  Stormfront to discuss abortion or Jewish political issues.  I think now.


Every time MSNBC allows Tony perkins to appear on its news casts it legitimatizes his group and his lies and hate speech.

Contact MSNBC and DEMAND that they stop giving a platform to Perkins and his hate group The Family Research Council in political discussions concerning the LGBT Community!

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1 thought on “DEMAND That MSNBC Stop Giving FRC Hate Group President Tony Perkins A Platform To Spew His Hate and Lies.

  1. From my view, having Perkins there gave me more resolve against them. It's nice to put a "Troy McClure" face on these hatemongers. I think he came off poorly. I wish they could've nailed him down on his "statistics". I also think the other Marine missed his chance to score a kill when Perkins thanked him for his service. There was Perkins acknowledging the service and sacrifice of a gay service member.

    If he had been hit on that point, at that time – he might've been outed as the bigoted hypocrite that he obviously is.

    To my ear, when they cited our allies have no problems with their armed forces (My favorite quote is from some high-up Israeli *Shrug* "We thought asking them to risk their lives was enough")

    Sad to see fear mongering is the only tactic these guys fall back to. "Oh Noes! Teh Gays are make everybody leave teh military and teh Islamguys are gonna kill us all!"

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    PS – I'm a vet.

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