DADT Round-Up: READ The Complete Survey, Survey Reactions, Obama’s DADT Statement, and WATCH The FULL FULL Pentagon Press Briefing

*  Read the Complete DADT Survey Results – It’s A-OK to br Gay and serve in the military.  So now it is now OFFICIAL.  Any resistance to the DADT repeal should be called out for what it really is.  Homophobic bigotry nothing less.  There are no more excuses

Read DADT Survey Report reactions from Senators Gillibrand, Udall, and Liebermann.  The People For The American Way,  Stonewall Democrats, OutServe and of course the HRC who of course can’t miss a Press Release moment even though they helped turn the DADT repeal into the clusterfuck it had become by fumbling the ball the past two years.

*  President Obama releases statement about the DADT Report findings.  “I have pledged to repeal the “don’t ask, don’t tell” law because it weakens our national security, diminishes our military readiness, and violates fundamental American principles of fairness and equality by preventing patriotic Americans who are gay from serving openly in our armed forces” Blah, blah, blah Talk is cheap – where’s the rest of the action, Obama? It’s time to pony up and make good on your promises to the GLBT community.

*  Watch yesterdays FULL Pentagon Press Briefing on the released DADT Study results below 

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