DADT Repeal Passes House 250 – 175 But Will It Make It To The Senate Floor? Reid Aide Says… MAYBE?

The House hast passed the DADT bill by a 250 – 175 margin. Fifteen Republicans voted yes while fifteen Democrats voted no. Nine (5Ds/4Rs) didn’t vote

So it cleared the House again and now its off to the Senate again where the pressure is on. The Majority Leader needs to get this bill to the Senate floor ASAP. An Aide to Reid says it MIGHT go on the calendar for next week.   MIGHT

Then we have Susan Collins and her GOP colleagues, Scott Brown, Lisa Murkowski, Richard Lugar and now Olympia Snowe who say they will vote for repeal and  need to do more than say they support repeal, they need to actually VOTE for repeal unlike last time.

And, then of course there is  President Obama who need to find for the first time in his Presidency and use his bully pulpit.

We must prepare for the chance that the repeal won’t make it and what actions all of us as a community are willing to do to stand up to such blatant homophobia against us.

Remember kids.  The DADT Repeal was the EASY ONE

What do you think?

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