Cincinnati HRC Uses DADT Repeal To Hold Gay Bingo Fundraiser For….You Guessed It The HRC!

Now I know I go on a lot about HRC being useless but I have many good reasons which have been duly noted in this blog over the past 2 years. 

But you know its not just the National Chapter of the HRC that’s irresponsible and inept.  It’s also the smaller local chapters that also just want to raise money, have fun and do not much more.

To prove my point lets look at this Press Release from the Steve Newsome the Political Co-Chair of the Greater Cincinnati Human Rights Campaign.

As you know, the Senate is set to vote on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” any day. Many Senators have already committed to help repeal the law and Sen. George Voinovich (R-OH) still needs some convincing. Come out to Roxy’s (formerly Hamburger Mary’s) tonight for Bingo and to learn about HRC and our efforts to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. All proceeds from Bingo go to HRC and there will be a raffle with fabulous prizes. It wouldn’t be Roxy’s without drink specials too! Make sure you ask the bartenders for the “HRC Shot”. We hope to see you TONIGHT at 8pm for some fun and a great cause! – Steve Newsome, Political Co-Chair – Greater Cincinnati Human Rights Campaign.

Lets start with the obvious.  DADT is in danger. The Senate IS NOT set to vote in the DADT Repeal “anyday now” They state that Sen. George Voinovich (R-OH) still needs some convincing, but do they put out a call to action to call Voinivich?  A phone number?  Email address? Antything in this Press Release?

Noooooooooooo. Of course not.  They are the HRC.  Whatever city they are in it’s all about the $$$’s

 The DADT Repeal is dangerously teetering on not being passed and  HRC want you to play Bingo, have a HRC SHOT, and have the chance to win a FABULASH Prize so they can raise some money for themselves off the the backs of gay soldiers.

We had the best opportunity in history of making significant legislative progress on DADT, DOMA and ENDA – and a host of other gay rights issues – and HRC, President Obama and the Democratic congress blew it. The window of pro-gay opportunity for this presidency, certainly this term, will close in three weeks. After that point, there won’t be any significant (pro-gay) legislation to pass the Congress in years (last time we lost the Congress it took 12 years to get it back). And at the rate we’re going, we are not going to get DADT,  let alone ENDA or DOMA which somehow has been all but forgotten

From Day ONE The HRC had said there was a plan intact to repeal DADT and praised Obama. Is this it?  Is this what they planned?  Wait till two weeks before Congress goes home and try to push it through a lame fuck session full of obstructionist Republicans?  Which it might not be and we’ll be TOTALLY screwed for years to come? Was that the  plan HRC had  to get UAFA and the federal employees benefits bill passed?  DOMA repealed? Or ENDA passed as they promised?

So go on, play Bingo with the HRC instead of calling Voinovich and telling him that you DEMAND he back the DADT Repeal (whose number happens to be in DC (202) 224-3353 and in Cincy (513) 684-3265) and instead enable the group that TOTALLY FUCKED UP any chance that we had of making any major advancement for our civil rights advancement over the past 2 years so they’ll be around the next time we get an opportunity in 12 years so they can fuck it up again!

How’s that for a HRC SHOT!

What do you think?

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