Christmas Good Deed – Help The University of Florida Build A LGBT Film Collection By Just CLICKING! – WHAT A BARGAIN!

The University of Florida has a mission this holiday season to to fully fund an existing GLBT Film and Resources Endowment at the University of Florida and you can help by just CLICKING HERE!

The UFGLBTFilmFund is currently seeking  a 25K Grant via the Good Idea – Pepsi Refresh Project and desperately needs your help by voting for them EVERYDAY! 

With one philanthropist donating $18,000 over the last few years. The UFGLBTFilmFund needs at least $12,000 to reach the minimum requirement to fund a GLBT Film Collection endowment within the UF Libraries. The additional $13,000 will be spent immediately to jump start the Collection by purchasing as many of the movies listed in Steven Paul Davies’ book: “Out at the Movies: A History of Gay Cinema” and digitize them.

This is a GREAT cause.  The endowment will be used to secure commercially available GLBT films in order to make them readily available to future generations of students, faculty and researchers nationwide with an ultimate goal of creating the premier GLBT Film Collection in the Southeast United States.  (Which could surely use one)

We CLICK 100’s of times everyday on ads, links, videos, and yes some of us even porn links. (You know who you are.)

So lets do a good holiday deed and CLICK and help the University of Florida win this Pepsi challenge so future generations to come will have an LGBT media library to help them.


They REALLY need our help.  They are ranked #188 and the voting ends Dec 31st.

C’mon now, do we really want UFGLBTFilmFund to be beaten by the The Cedar Park High School band who wants to spend 25K on Tuxedos and Dresses?  Band tuxedos are so pase’!

1 thought on “Christmas Good Deed – Help The University of Florida Build A LGBT Film Collection By Just CLICKING! – WHAT A BARGAIN!

  1. Thanks so much for a wonderful piece…

    We truly need all the help we can get so please vote and text every day for us in the Pepsi Refresh Everything challenge. It's FREE and so easy by using your Facebook login to vote…

    Please tell everyone and hopefully we can get the gay blogs to spread the word because without help like Will's, we are not going to win. This is a sad fact.

    Of the nearly $15 million donated by Pepsi so far, only $25K has been given to a single LGBT project. And that's just unacceptable so we must do all we can to change this fact…

    Thanks again and remember that we only have until December 31st to vote us into the TOP 10 to win the $25K…

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