Big Brother 2 Contestant Kent Blackwelder Sues Over Gay Naked Men Mailer and DVD…..LOSES!

Former Big Brother 2 contestant Kent Blackwelder of Knoxville TN, whose 15 minutes of fame is beyond over,  tried this week to convince a jury to punish the gay publisher because his then-12-year-old daughter got an unwanted eyeful of some naked gay boys which was sent to his home.

At issue in his lawsuit is the five seconds his daughter perused a mailer featuring photographs of naked men in erotic poses in May 2007 and its impact. He also accuses the publisher of violating regulations on how sexually explicit material should be packaged.

In 2007 Madison Blackwelder plucked from a basket on the kitchen counter a plain white envelope addressed to her father and promising on its cover a “free new DVD offer.” for “Titan Men’s Fresh Farm” DVD with a subscription to “Freshmen” magazine

She told jurors she thought it might be a Disney movie offer so she opened the envelope.

Inside was a tri-folded brochure. On its cover, it carried a warning label of sexually explicit material, her father’s name and address, and the name of the magazine and free DVD. Madison said she was “embarrassed, just really confused” about what she saw and ran to her room. She said it made her fearful of “being kidnapped,” and, after her father filed the lawsuit, she sought counseling.

As it turns out in 2005 Kent Blackwelder entered an online contest sponsored by the magazine known as ‘The Out Traveler,'” which is a gay publication.  The contest, which the married Blackwelder denies entering, offered up an all-expenses paid trip for two to a “gay-friendly” destination. It was also noted that Blackwelder had received at least one other mailing from the gay publisher without complaint, according to the firm’s records

Blackwelder conceded he buddied up with an openly gay “Big Brother” contestant during his stint on the show.  After BB2 his mortgage business went belly up and later wound up clashing with his co-workers at a temporary employment agency. Blackwelder was fired and later filed suit, alleging that he, as a white man, was discriminated against by a black supervisor. Records show that the lawsuit was later dismissed by agreement

Sounds like someone was just trying to make a quick buck through bigotry……..again

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