B2S.com Quisling of the Year Award 2010: Christopher R. Barron, Founder of GoPROUD

Quisling (Norwegian pronunciation: kʋɪsˈlɪŋ]; English: kwɪzlɪŋ/) is a term that was most commonly used in reference to fascist and collaborationist political parties and military and paramilitary forces.  contemporary usage, Quisling is synonymous with traitor, and particularly applied to politicians who appear to favour the interests of other nations or cultures over their own

Christopher R. Baron founded GOProud represents gay conservatives and their allies. GOProud is committed to a traditional conservative agenda that emphasizes limited government, individual liberty, free markets and a confident foreign policy. GOProud promotes our traditional conservative agenda by influencing politics and policy at the federal level.

I know, I know Gay Republicans?  Isn’t that like Black Klansmen or the Jewish Police during WWII?

And the answer is yes.

Barron founded GoProud after the original gay republican organization he belonged to “The Log Cabin Republicans” were deemed to centralist and not stark raving mad bonkers as the far right GOP.  Barron is a lawyer and currently President of CapSouth (Political) Consulting. It’s a good bet that when you hear a gay man say that they are a conservative because they believe in free market, then he is one of those gay men who is selfishly more concerned with his money than he is the civil rights of the gay community.

Republicans talk about the overbearing role government plays in the lives of its citizens, yet they do more to impose their values and morals and lies upon the rest of us than any other political party, and that is the part this idiot belongs to.

There are no political campaigns among gays to take basic civil rights away from conservatives; no reports of murders by gay thugs of innocent victims suspected of being conservative as they walked down the street minding their own business. Gay-majority areas have never debated a “kill the conservatives” bill. Gay majority churches don’t raise millions of dollars to create propaganda campaigns to try to stop conservatives from having their marriages recognized or from being allowed to work in jobs such as the military.

Baron and the few other Gay Republicans out there are nothing more than self loathing, insane, idiotic selfish elitists with personal agenda’s.  Barron has said  more than once that he is more comfortable around “conservatives” and of course he is, they are selfish crazy assholes just like him.

Christopher R, Barron is a pathetic excuse of a gay man and a human being and deserves every bit of scorn, and rejection he gets from the LGBT Community.

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