Apple Denies Anti-Gay Manhattan Declaration App For Second Time. Christomaniacs Shocked. SHOCKED I TELL YOU!

Apple has once again blocked Robert George’s right wing, Christomainac, anti-gay Manhattan Declartion IPhone app much to the chargin of haters and loons across the country.

George, who launched the 4,700-word Christianity pledge last year to the squeals of James Dobson and Ms. Tony “Princess Tiny Meat” Perkins was approved and then yanked last month by Apple after an outpouring of complaints from the sane.  George “edited” the app,  re-submitted it, and Apple just them down again and boy are they pissy about it.
Cue the whine from

It is difficult to see how this is anything other than a statement of animus by a major American corporation against the beliefs of millions of Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox citizens. It is our sincere hope that Apple will draw back from this divisive and deeply offensive position. The corporation’s leaders must be made to understand that they do the country no good service in capitulating to efforts to stigmatize, marginalize or defame people on one side or the other in important moral debates.

We will be taking this to Apple’s App Review Board after they come back from the Christmas and New Year’s holiday observances they mention. If Apple is in good faith, perhaps they will be willing to submit this matter to arbitration. We will keep you informed. Until there is more to report, we will not be making further comments on this matter

Waaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaa.

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