62 Votes The DADT Repeal And Harry Reid Wants To Go Home For Christmas – Don’t Cave Harry Grow Some Balls!

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told his colleagues at the opening of today’s session. Put aside your differences.

Majority Leader Steny Hoyer says he’s counted the numbers, and it stands at either 61 or 62. Even Sen. Scott Brown, who refused to lend support to repeal as attached to the NDAA, is on board, as are fellow Republican Sens. Olympia Snowe and Lisa Murkowski. Which leaves Reid saying: It’s not a matter of whether there are the votes to support it, but whether there is time to hold a vote.

Because Republicans want to go home to their families rather than do the jobs they signed up for: serve the public. 

Lets put the cars out on the table finally shall we.  Harry Reid is part of the reason there are so many LGBT rights failures in the Senate.  The man has the backbone of a jellyfish and is about as intimidating as Wally Cox.  Add to that the lame windbag Democratic whip Dick Durbin and we have gone nowhere fast.

The Senate works on average work Tuesday through Thursday. Get massive amounts of time off in the summer, and throughout the year, and yet they are complaining about having to work a few days next week?I have had to work Christmas as have many of you.  And considering the fact that AFTER Christmas the Senate loses the majority one would think that maybe, just maybe that Reid and the other Dems might give a final FUCK YOU to the Repubs and hold them hostage though the holidays until the work is finish that they have obstructed and held hostage for the past 2 years. 

People being kicked off unemployment and going hungry, DADT Repeal being foiled, SMART Treaty being played with  because the Dems can’t play hardball and allow the Repubs to hold the poor and sane hostage because of tax cuts.

Grow some balls you doddering old Mormon fool and hold the Republican hostage through Christmas and take these votes!  Because Jesus wouldn’t care.  He wasn’t born on Christmas anyways!

What do you think?

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