Watch Ed Schultz Slam "Boo-Hoo" John Boehner

“Mr Boehner, do you think that there are any American families out there that are crying when they are told, after they get sick, that the insurance company is going to drop them? You see we passed a law in this country — you were not a part of it — that said that insurance companies can’t do that and you want to repeal that. So do you think there’s any tears with the middle class, Mr. Boehner? Or is it all about you all the time?”

Boehner is nopthing more than a Millionaire Power Hungry Alcoholic (look at that face, the bubulous nose, the droopy eyes. classic symptoms) who actually made most of his money AFTER being elected to office and cashing in on lobbyist and politics.

And its pronouced BONER.  How do you pronouce it BAINER when its spelled BOEH-NER.

What do you think?

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