Walk-In Closet Dweller Queen Latifah Was Bullied…….Because She Had Big BOOBS!

I know that I am opening myself up to criticism for posting against Latifah and trying to push her ample ass out of her Deluxe Walk-In closet but this following story just disgust me so.

Queen Latifah aka Ms.Dana Owens came out with a statement urging parents to to look for signs that their kids aren’t  happy at school and admits that she herself was bullied Which in itself is good.  But she did it not as a well adjusted gay celebrity adult., of course.  But  she did it because she herself as a child was bullied for having BIG BOOBIES.

“I think a lot of times kids who are bullies get away with it because no one confronts their parents. Parents have to step (up) to other parents and say, ‘Listen, your son or daughter is texting my son or daughter, or emailing, or tweeting, or Facebook-ing or talking about my child or pressuring them in some sort of way.  “They’ve gotta step in for these kids… We’ve gotta fight for our kids. It’s a shame… No child should have to lose their life through a senseless killing and that’s really just the saddest thing of all. No parent should have to be on TV explaining that.”

Her Highness Closet Case just literally disgusts me.  She takes something innately within us such as our sexual orientation and objectified it by comparing it to a physical attribute like a pair of big BOOBS o she can say something on the subject.

I am not only ashamed for her.  I am ashamed of her.

What do you think?

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