Tim Gunn Blows The Lid Off The Project Runway "GRETCHENGATE" Winner Disaster – Gretchen "Needed The Money"

Well the lid is being blown off the Project Runway finale where  the Wicked Wretchen of Oregon Gretchen won even though there were three times she SHOULD have been voted off this season because all her outfits could go with Birkenstocks.

Turns out Micheal Koors and Nina Garcia decided to vote for Gretchen over the UBER talented Mondo because Gretchen.

After HOURS of deliberation Tim and Heidi both went with Mondo while Michael and Nina stood on the dark side and Jessica Simpson played with her hair

Nina and Micheal dug thier heels in and refuse to budge.  Tim says that he ultimately understood their choice since poor broke Gretchen really needs the money and Mondo will skip along the rainbow of success anyways.

So next time that you disagree with Nina and Micheal during the runway shows now you know that YOU are probably right and they are just all fucked up. 

Tim Gunn is right.  The judges ARE a bunch of crack smokers.  Perhaps it’s time to rotate Nina and Micheal out next season/

What do you think?

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