OPM Director John Berry’ Has The Utter Gall To Make A ‘It Gets Better’ Video Even Though He Himself Makes Things Worse

It’s hard to believe that John Berry, Director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, has the NERVE to add his name to the list of White House officials that have sent messages to bullied gay teens, in a video for the “It Gets Better” project while he is a part of the Obama administration that makes it worse for gays and lesbians in goverment employ.

Berry in his capacity as Obama’s Top “Auntie Tom” is being sued by Lambda Legal for by refusing to obey a Circut Court Judges order that the government allow lesbian court employee Karen Golinski to add her wife to her medical insurance at NO cost to the government AND without violating DOMA. 

THINGS DO GET BETTER–But no thanks to men like John Berry who seem quite content to leave thier gay and lesbian brothers and sisters  either sitting in enforced silence at the back of the bus or, more commonly, looking up at the rear tires coming at them as he throws us underneath the bus one more time.

Pretty words mean nothing.

I REFUSE to post Berry’s video.  If you want to watch it PLEASE CLICK HERE.

What do you think?

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