Iowa GOP Leader Paul McKinley To The 4 Remaing Iowa Judges: Let the People Vote On Gay Marriage Or You Are OUT!

Reelected Senate Republican Leader (and scumbag) Paul McKinley (pictured left) is threatening to take out the remaining four judges who approved marriage equality unless Iowans are allowed to vote on an amendment banning same-sex marriage.

McKinley made the threat while being interviewed on Radio One Iowa:

“That is an issue that the people overwhelmingly said, ‘We want to have a say in this. It should not be overreaching government or judges. I believe the (justices) would still be in office had Mike Gronstal allowed that vote over the past two years. It would not even have been an issue…You can lay that squarely at the feet of the Democrats. And I don’t know if they want to be responsible for a redo of this in two years on a (judicial) retention vote or not, but I would think that many of their members who have professed that they think people should have a vote will be given the opportunity to do the right thing.”

While Democrats will still retain a 26-24 edge in the Iowa Senate, Republicans are taking the Iowa House and House Republican Leader Kraig (K-raig? How WHITE TRASH is that?) Paulsen intends to bring a marriage amendment to the floor despite Iowa Senate Democrat Majority Leader Gronstal recently vowing to block any attempts to bring a marriage amendment to a vote.

People need to remind asshats like McKinley and and Paulsen that letting people vote away other peoples’ rights is not democracy. It’s anarchy.

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