Four Missisippi "Christian" Children Bully and Beat 12 Year Old Girl After a "Christian Fellowship Meeting"

Four Mississipi so called “Christian” children straight from a “Christian Fellowship” meeting,  surrounded and bullied and beat upon a 12 year-old Mississippi middle school student because her name is Randi.  Which is a boy’s name.

After a Fellowship of Christian Students meeting, four girls and a boy surrounded her. “They started talking about me like I was a man, and like, stuff like that. That I shouldn’t be in this world. And my name was a boy name,” she said. Foster described how these people attacked her. “I was kicked in the rib. I was kicked in the leg. I was hit in the face. I was sat on top of and my face was jammed into the floor. I was thrown onto the cafeteria table. I was thrown in between the seats.” Her mother, Meggan Foster, is appalled at the whole ordeal. “She was sitting in a chair. Her glasses were broken. She had been crying. She had a bloody tissue in her hand from her nose bleeding,” Foster said. She said that a surveillance camera caught the whole thing, but that the principal could not give her a copy because it involves other students.

Can’t you just feel Christ’s love just oozing from these kids? The new generation of storm troopers has the zealous policing of gender norms mastered already.

Not only should these children be brought up on charges but sho should thier parents and thier church.

CLICK HERE to watch the News Channel 3 – Memphis, TN News Report

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