Bristol Palin FINALLY Loses On Dancing With The Stars – Hey Tea Baggers! Nah nah nah nah nah!

After fans of her mother and tea baggers  helped her advance at the expense of more talented dancers Bristol Plin was FINALLY dumped from Dancing With The Stars last night coming in 3rd to Dirty Dancing’s Jennifer Grey and professional cutie of a partner  Derek Hough

Palin’s improbable run for the finals had been championed by some conservative bloggers, and tea party wackos who led get-out-the-vote campaigns on behalf of the 20-year-old single mother. Palin’s fan support was evident when she was voted in last week over singer Brandy — who had received a perfect score for her one dance  prompting some viewers to question the integrity of the “Dancing” voting system

A viewer in Wisconsin recently became so angry after watching Miss Palin perform that he fired a shotgun at his television and became involved in an armed stand-off with police.
But lets puut some blame here on ABC who cast Bristol Palin in the first place.  They kept Bristol until the end for ratings. ABC just might be on the verge of outsmarting itself; using Palin’s cult of personality to juice this cycle’s ratings while ensuring a result that just might give the lie to everything ‘Dancing With the Stars’ stands for. A BIG FIX for ratings.

Maybe its time that DWTS finally be canceled and be replaced with something more tasteful and cultured.

TONIGHT ON ABC! Its the debut episode of Alligators Having Sex While Ripping Apart Death Row Inmates!  –  In HD where available!

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