BREAKING NEWS: DPRK (North Korea) Bombs South Korea’s Yeonpyeong Island – VIDEO

According to South Korean military officials, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea fired scores of artillery onto the island and into waters off the west coast of the divided peninsula, prompting a return fire. Calling the DPRK’s artillery firing “unacceptable”, South Korea vowed to “punish” its former wartime rival in case of further provocation.
The South Korean military authorities called the artillery firing an “intentional” and “inhumane” attack.  One South Korean soldier was killed, another 13 were wounded

According to officials of South Korea, the military of South Korea is now put on a heightened alert and the entire population of the island, which is near the sea border, was evacuated in a matter of urgency to bunkers and safe places It is also reportedly the military deployed fighter jets to the Yellow Sea in deterrence against further provocation from the North.

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