Best Reply Ever To Why Gays Are So Impatient and Pissed Off At The Democrats

This comes from over at Americablog Gay. and its well worth the repost.

One poster offers a criticism on why some gays voted Republican and thus cost the Dems the election.  (Which is a lie because we don;t have that much power in our voting block.) The poster blames it on the “impatience” of the gay community and specifically on DADT.

And because Gays could not be patient they just let the Republicans gain in the house and senate, where DADT has to be repealed, guaranteeing at least another couple of years being treated as second class citizens. An executive order can be easily overturned by another executive order. Not fighting the appeal leaves it open to be re-litigated under another president. Only congress can change this law and you chose not to vote because it wasn’t happening fast enough

Misinformed and stupid comment.  But what really stood out was the reply to this comment.  It summed all the anxiety and frustration that many suffer and feel right now in the LGBT Community especially amongst the baby boomers.

Please read this EXCELLENT response by an AmericaBlog Gay poster jpjones.

Couldn’t be patient???

Look, asshole, when people of my generation were beginning to discover our sexuality, Anita Bryant was telling America that we are all sexual predators looking to indoctrinate innocent victims. And when I reached adulthood and began the process of coming out, Reagan’s cabinet was telling America that AIDS was God’s retribution for our “unnatural lifestyle” and William Buckley wrote that we should all be tattooed so people would know not to touch us. When I was in my mid-twenties Sam Nunn was telling America that we couldn’t serve on submarines because of our inability to keep our hands off of straight people. And finally, when I’m old enough to think I’m too smart and experienced to be charmed by a con artist, along comes The Fierce Advocate, with Rick Warren in tow, comparing me to a pedophile.

I’m now 45 and I’m GODDAMNED SICK AND TIRED of being “patient.” I’m an American citizen and all I want are the same rights that straight people take for granted from the day they are born. And until the Democrats demonstrate through actions that they believe all that sanctimonious bullshit they always spout during election season, I don’t care whether they win or not. When I get equality, they can have my vote again.

In the meantime, I suggest you fucking learn to be patient with a Republican government.

Where I was totally against voting Republican an I did drag my raggedy second class gay citizen ass to vote and voted for the “We Suck Less Party” known as the Democrats I ONLY did it to invalidate a Republican/Tea Party vote.  But in my opinion jpjones post sums it up in a nutshell how we all feel today.

The looming question is what do we do now?

What do you think?

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