Wold be Soilder John Richard Shannon Bashes Man After Screaming That He"hates faggots" In Palm Beach Bar

John Richard Shannon who was supposed to join the Army today blew off some steam on Thursday night right before HE gets to join the Army at the Hotel Biba bar patron in West Palm Beach, FL by screaming that “he hates faggots” while accosting  a group of people in the hotel. One of the men defended himself and his friends,  incensing Shannon even more.  Shannon then then displayed one of his hands, which was in a cast, telling the man that the cast was the result of “beating up a faggot”  Onlookers say then Shannon began screaming “I hate faggots!” and jumping up and down until a hotel employees escorted him to outside.

After being thrown out Shannon snuck back in through a back entrance, found the man he was arguing with and hen smashed  the man he was arguing with in the face  with his hand in a cast, knocking him out.
Oh, the man who Shannon gay bashed.  Wasn’t gay.

Shannon was to enlist in the army on Sunday. Instead, he is being held on $25,000 bond, charged with aggravated battery and despite that the man who Shannon bashed was not gay his charges were super-sized by “evidencing prejudice while committing offense.” (Hate Crime)

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