What’s "Too Gay" Today? – Chris Pine Fills His Pants, GLEE Rocky Horror Promo, Gavin Rossdale Admits To Gay Relationship, and Doctor Who Will Live Forever

* The GLEE Rocky Horror Picture Show Promo is here! (Yea an episode with Corey Montieth in his tighty whities!)

*  Back in April of 2009 as I reported here cross-dressing UK singer Marilyn spoke about having a gay relationship with HOT Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale.  Gavin’s been quiet about it until today when he finally acknowledged that YES he did indeed have a gay affair with Marily.  But also hastens to add at the end of the interview that “It’s a part of growing up. That’s it. No more, no less.” It was just the one time”.  Just the one time Gavin?  C’mon, last year it was no times dude.  Embrace it man.  We love you.  You are hot as h ell dude.

On October 19th  the long overdue DVD release of Season One of The Bionic Woman will be released!  All 14 episodes of the first season (it was a mid-season replacement), plus the five episodes of The Six Million Dollar Man that first brought us the story of Jaime Sommers (who was a pro tennis player until a skydiving accident led to her bionic surgery, that led to her death) and don;t forget MAX The Bionic Dog!

* Smelling more money the BBC has decided that  Doctor Who will no longer be limited to twelve regenerations, and is effectively immortal.  The big revelation comes in an episode of spin-off show The Sarah Jane Adventures, airing October 25 and 26 in the UKNo explanation will be given. It kind of removes the stakes for the Doctor, doesn’t it?  BRING BACK DAVID TENNANT!

*  Chris Pine fills more than the cover of Details magazine November issue.  LOOK AT THOSE PANTS!.  DAMN!

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