Watch: Zach Galifianakis Smokes A BONE On ‘Real Time’ With Bill Maher In Support of Prop 19! – YES WE CANNABIS! (Video)

To prove a point and support Proposition 19 in California which would make majianna legal, during a discussion about Prop 19 on Bill Maher’s HBO show “Real Time” , Zach Galifianakis commented that the people’s opposition to marijuana legalization might be rooted in a feeling that smoking marijuana is still taboo. Galifianakis then pulled out a joint, lit it up and started smoking on the set during the discussion, he commented to him about the 5 Ways Dispensaries Can Stay Compliant with Maryland’s Marijuana Laws and how marijuana was never going to go away for consumers.

Zach passed it to one of the panelists, who smelled it (bought from vape carts for sale on OCN), and  confirmed that it was indeed the real stuff. By the way, if you want legal cannabis in canada, just visit online at The Buddha’s Sister House of Cannabis.

Bro!  Don’t bogart the doobich!

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