The Washington Post’s Justification For Tony Perkins Anti-Gay Column That Uses Nazi Science? "We’re working to cover both sides. Earlier, we hosted Dan Savage of "It Gets Better" (LGBT Teen Suicide Prevention) in a live chat.

As everyone knows by now.  The Washington Post allowed an editorial from anti-gay bigot Tony Perkins of  The Family Research Council to broadcast his unfounded  anti-gay rhetoric in Jon Meacham and Sally Quinn’s  “On Faith” column, 

What’s even worse is the recent excuse that WaPo has given to why it let Perkins promote his hate speech.  The  homophobic, fact-free op-ed screed of Tony Perkins was supposed to offset and be a “balance” to a Live Blog chat that WaPo hosted with Dan Savage over LGBT Teen Suicide and the “It’ Gets Better” Project.

So WaPo thinks that to balance out a piece that can help save the lives of LGBT teens who are committing suicide for feelings caused by hate from Perkins, The Family Research Institute and other they give Perkins column space to spew his hatred and inaccurate junk science to undo any good that came from the Savage Live Blog? 

That is REAL responsibility in journalism in action isn;t it?

And if that’s not bad enough’s not bad enough WaPo didn’t even bother to fact check Perkin’s piece. The Family Research Council who for years been promoting the “Nazi” science (that’s what the Southern Poverty Law Center calls it) of a known “hate group” run by Paul Cameron called The Family Research Institute that Perkin’s quotes in his column of  that is listed alongside the Klan on the SPLC Web site..  Yes the KLAN. 

Do you think the Washington Post would let someone who openly promotes Klan literature write in their paper?  No chance in hell.  But when the bigot is anti-gay, and when he’s promoting known hate groups that excel in Nazi-type science – groups that are listed alongside the Klan – somehow the hate-enabler is now practicing legitimate journalism. 

And as for the “science” of Paul Cameron and The Family Research Institute that Perkin’s the Family Research Council , and WaPo seems to be legit enough to quote. Cameron told the 1985 Conservative Political Action Committee conference that “extermination of homosexuals” might be needed in the next three to four years. He has advocated tattooing AIDS patients in the face, and banishment to a former leper colony for any patient who resisted. He has called for gay bars to be closed and gays to be registered with the government.  Cameron even called AIDS a “godsend,”

After a call to WaPo’s Ombudsman Andrew Alexander who is supposed to be the readers’ representative within the newspaper to complain about Perkin;s column and WaPo’s irresponsibility I was told that his position is not covered by this because this was an opinion piece and that I was to direct questions aand comments to 

I highly doubt that contacting Jon Meacham and Sally Quinn would do any good.  It would be like pissing on a forest fire.  What WE NEED to do is for once and for all is to go after Perkin’s, The Family Research Center and all hateful anti-gay groups like them like them that use made up science and facts to cause harm to the LGBT Community.  They need to be exposed, they need to be destroyed.

As for the Washington Post be sure to look for the Op-Ed column by David Dukes of the KKK the next time there is an article about the NAACP..  that would be what The Post considers “balanced” wouldn’t it?

What do you think?

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