WANTED FOR MURDER: "Mission America" President Linda Harvey

“In some young lives come the bullies. They are a part of life, especially for boys. But for the young person with same-sex attractions, this is the final straw where they feel totally trapped, with internal feelings they have been carefully taught ‘cannot be changed’ on the one hand, and harsh peer rejection on the other. Yes, it looks hopeless indeed.

“But there’s a solution. First and foremost, kids should be told the truth that no one is born gay. Despite any budding feelings he or she may have, many people who felt similarly at that age went on to change both their feelings and behavior, and to be well-adjusted adult heterosexuals, some married with children. The gay lobbyists actively prevent kids from knowing this option. Why can’t they be ‘pro-choice’ regarding homosexuality?” – Mission America president Linda Harvey, in a World Net Daily column titled Is ‘Gay’ Agenda To Blame For Teen Suicides?

Here we have another Christomaniac Bully and Murderer, Linda Harvey of Mission America.  Harvey is a despicable human being who goes out of her way to use anything that she can to bash the gay community.  Going so far as once using  the Tel Aviv shootings as another opportunity to bash the gay community.

Harvey wouldn’t know the truth if it walked up to her and bitch-slapped her so hard it made her twat jiggle.

So, Linda, how are you planning on washing that blood off your hands?  Because hear is some news for you Lady Macbeth, it doesn’t come off.

 To contact Linda Harvey, please call (614) 442-7998 or use the Mission America Contact Form

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  1. I'm so looking forward to the day of reading how some Amazon butch lesbian named LaWanda finger fucked this woman so bad that she was found wandering the streets singing Ethel Merman broadway tunes with her maxi pad dangling out of her that rotten tuna smelling thing she calls a vagina.

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