Valerie Jarret Defends The Department Of Justice And Basically Lies.

Valerie Jarrett this morning defended the Department of Justice appeal of the injunciton placed on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, this morning and didn’t exactly tell the whole truth.

Said Jarrett to American Morning: “You know what, the Justice Department is required to defend the law of the land”

Interesting.  Because just last week The Department of Justice elected to let stand a court ruling which allows Christomaniacs and other religious groups to demonstrate, preach, and proselytize in Federal Parks and most related to the DADT/Obama fiasco in 1996  the Clinton administration, explaining in detail, how it was not going to defend in court any cases kicking HIV+ service members out of the military because it believed the law requiring such discharges to be unconstitutional.  Something Ms. Jarret left out of her morning defense.  The President could also have had the DOJ  “appeal” the order but tell the appellate court that the government agrees with the lower court’s reasoning and decision: The law is unconstitutional and should not be enforced.

The DOJ has not appealed many cases in the past.  And saying they “have to” doesn’t make it true.  But .

Lets really tell it like it is for a change..  Obama DOES want DADT to end on his watch.  But by appealing the lower courts decision and insisting that it goes through Congress he wants to make sure that Congress is the one who does indeed repeal it and his signature is only on the bottom document thus making Congress responsible.

Obama may want it to end.  But he doesn’t want it to be his legacy.

It’s high time for us all to send the White House rolls of toilet paper.  Because they are so full of shit.

What do you think?

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